Advice On Progression & Transition

The importance of cross-phase collaboration

One of the key elements of being an effective languages teacher is knowing your pupils individually. This is what makes differentiation and real communication possible; it is impossible to genuinely motivate and inspire the learner without knowing them personally.

When pupils cross phases and/or move schools, this is a crucial moment in so many ways, not least in terms of maintaining their sense of being known individually. It is vital that pupils do not feel lost and anonymous in their new, unfamiliar and potentially daunting learning environment.

When teachers from different key stages and schools talk to each other, work and even teach together and become known to pupils (and parents) prior to their move, they facilitate a smoother transition. This is the ultimate objective of collaboration across key stages.

Look at the ALL Connect KS2 Progression Module for further ideas about progression in the primary phase, and the ALL Connect KS2-3 Transition Module for ideas and resources in French, German and Spanish on transition.

In addition, ALL Primary Hubs exist throughout the UK to support KS2/3 colleagues and facilitate collaboration.

Access a range of support through becoming a member of your subject association for languages - the Association for Language Learning (ALL).

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